What are the craftsmanships of stainless steel door handles?


There are three types of stainless steel door handles
1. Tubular door handle
The stainless steel tubular door handles are processed through tubular profiles. First, we cut the material, then the material is opened, and then the pipe is bent according to the needs of different shapes, and then made through a dozen processes

2. Precision cast door handle
Through precision casting, stainless steel is made into stainless steel door handles of different shapes. The casting process is a bit responsible. The required shape of the stainless steel door handle is made by wax mold, and then a shell is made of wax pattern. Then molten steel can be poured through this shell to form a stainless steel casting. This process is due to a series of molten steel and cast steel. The cooling process, on the other hand, is limited when pouring, so the time required is relatively long, as short as 20 days, and as long as 30 days or more. In the production process, 
we will prepare some popular styles in advance, so we can complete them in a short time, but it will undoubtedly be overstocked and drive up the cost. But the overall handle of stainless steel casting door handles is the best in the door handle series.

3. Precision-casting improved stamping hollow door handle
Due to the characteristics of the above-mentioned precision casting door handles, many people have changed the castings into stamping parts in pursuit of time convenience and price advantages. 

However, the cost of molds for each improvement is quite high. In addition, due to the opposite sex door Not every model of the handle can be adapted to everyone, and not every model can be modified. Therefore, considering the mold cost and modeling restrictions, and user needs, it is only limited to a few improvements. 

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