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Traditional Door Hinge

Yuhe is a professional Traditional Door Hinge manufacturer and door lock supplier in China. We have been committed to the manufacturing and development of Traditional door hinges, covering most markets in Europe and the United States.Our door hinge mainly include Traditional Door Hinge, Fire-resistant Hinge,Adjustable Hinge, magnetic lock. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

Traditional Door Hinge is made of high-quality steel with chrome plated surface. It is suitable for inner doors. The door hinge has passed iatf16949 certification. It is a reliable product of customers and has export qualification. It is a direct selling factory with its own factory and has been in operation for 17 years.

Traditional Door Hinge comprises a hinge seat and a hinge body, one end of the hinge body is connected with the door frame through a mandrel, and the other end is connected with the door leaf; The hinge body is divided into two sections, one section is connected with the mandrel, the other section is connected with the door leaf, the two sections of hinge bodies are connected as a whole through a connecting plate, and the connecting plate is provided with a door gap adjustment hole. Since the hinge body is divided into two sections and connected into a whole through the connecting plate, the door leaf can be removed for repair by removing the connecting plate. The door gap adjustment hole of the connecting plate includes a long hole for adjusting the gap between the upper and lower door gaps and a long hole for adjusting the gap between the left and right door gaps. The hinge can be adjusted not only up and down, but also left and right.
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As one of the Traditional Door Hinge manufacturers and suppliers specializing in manufacturing and designing CE certified Traditional Door Hinge in China, our factory is equipped with CNC, bench drill,punching machine and so on. Not only that, we also have our own brands and experienced technical development team. These latest selling Traditional Door Hinge in terms of quality is very durable, easy-maintainable; In terms of appearance, it is very fashionable, advanced, classy and fancy; In terms of Traditional Door Hinge price, our products are very cheap and there is a discount. If you want to buy or wholesale the newest products, we can sell them at a low price. In addition, we also provide you with quotation, price list and free samples. You don't have to worry about the delivery time after you buy discounted goods, as the bulk of our Made in China products are in stock.
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