What factors affect the cost of stainless steel door handles?


First of all, we need to look at the main body of the stainless steel tubular door handle. The tubular material is divided into stainless steel 201/304/316. According to the material difference of different steel grades, the cost of the stainless steel door handle is different. On the other hand, the material thickness of the main structure is the issue. Why is there always a partial difference in the feel of a door handle with the same shape and the same material? It turned out to be affected by the thickness of the material. On the last aspect, the size of the tube, some use 38 tubes, and some use 12 tubes, so the cost difference between the two stainless steel door handles is very large.

Second, we look at the handle connector, the stainless steel door handle connector, which connects the panel and the bottom cover. Therefore, the protruding point of this part will also consider the factors of the material. Similarly, the connector is also divided into materials, including stainless steel 201 /304/316, if stainless steel is used here, the connector is generally 304 by default, because the industry manufactures most of it with 304 or 316 tubes, and there are 4 materials in total, including copper, aluminum, and iron. They are affected by materials. Different values vary. At the same time, it is also mentioned above that if thick pipes and thin pipes are used, the cost difference will be more visible.

Third, there are two types of connecting surfaces of stainless steel door handles.Stainless steel panel lock,The panel lock is mainly affected by material factors, including the length and width of the panel, and also the thickness of the panel

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