Introduction to the advantages of door hinges, how to choose?


Door hinges can be seen in our daily life. Generally, the material of door hinges is made of aluminum alloy. It is used to connect the door frame and the door leaf. As a common door hinge, this What are the advantages of this kind of hinge?

First of all, of course, the appearance is good. Aluminum itself is a kind of metal with beautiful appearance. After frequent processing and surface treatment, the appearance is silvery white and the 
color is uniform, which avoids the disadvantage of rough and unsightly surface of the hinge. The surface of this hinge is exquisite, and it has a certain quality when held in the hand.

Secondly, its load-bearing capacity is also very good. A hinge with a poor load-bearing capacity will affect the smoothness and comfort of use for a long time, and it will also make noise. If it is serious, it will deform the hinge product. This kind of hinge not only has strong load-bearing capacity, but also feels good in use.

At present, the supply of door hinges in the market is still very stable, and the price is also stable, so aluminum alloy door hinges are a good choice for families. 

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