The purchasing tips of the door hinge


1. When purchasing the door hinge, unfold a hinge horizontally, and the good door hinge will slide down slowly. It will not take much effort to close the door hinge, nor will it hit the door frame at once,.

2. Good door hinges include brass and stainless steel. Generally, the yellow brass hinges are the better. When purchasing, the hinge with good sealing performance shall be selected. When purchasing, it shall be opened and closed for several times to feel its flexibility and convenience.

3. The thickness of good door hinge is about 3mm, and the length and width of door hinges on the market are not special standards. The thickness of the selected door hinge must be greater than 3mm, which not only determines its strength, but also determines whether it is made of stainless steel.

4. The specification of door hinge is 4mm or 100mm long for general household wooden doors; The width is selected according to the door thickness, and the thickness is selected according to the weight of the door.

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