The installation method of the fire-resistant hinge(1)


1. Assemble door frame(fire-resistant hinge)
(1) On the flat and smooth ground, use an electric drill with a diameter of 2.5mm to lead a nail hole 30-40mm deep at the upper end of the mullion, and use four 80mm Long Yuan nails to firmly connect the transom with the two mullions (the openings of the three frames are on the same plane; the gap at the connection between the mullion and the transom inside the frame is less than 0.5mm, and the two transoms form a 90 degree angle with the mullion).
(2) Fix 6 connecting pieces on both sides of the mullion.
(3) Turn the assembled door frame over on the ground and fix the other 6 connecting pieces with Yuan nails (check: whether the angle is 90 degrees? Whether the inner width of the middle and lower three points of the door frame is consistent?). Click here to download construction technical data for free
(4) After the inspection meets the requirements, the door leaf and door frame (the side with mining opening) shall be "pre closed". The clearance between both sides of the door and the door frame shall meet the requirements.

2. The door frame is connected and fixed with the wall(fire-resistant hinge)
(1) Move the firmly assembled door frame into the door opening as a whole (both sides of the door frame are on the same plane as both sides of the wall; check whether the door frame is perpendicular to the ground with a plumb hammer)
(2) Take the nail hole of the connecting piece as the point to determine twelve drilling points on the wall.
(3) Drill holes on the hole points with an 8-10mm diameter electric hammer, nail wood wedges into the holes, and fix the connecting pieces on the wall with Yuan nails.
(4) Wood strips shall be inserted between the fixed door frame and the wall to ensure that they are neither too tight nor loose, so as to connect and fix the door frame and the wall.
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