The construction requirements of the fire resistant door hinge


Construction preparation of the fire resistant hinge

1 Operating conditions of the fire resistant hinge
(1) The door frame must be inspected and accepted when entering the construction site. Before the installation of door frame and leaf, check whether the model and size meet the requirements, and whether there is channeling angle, warping and bending. If there are any of the above conditions, repair them first.

(2) the installation of door frame shall comply with the model and size required in the drawing, and pay attention to the opening direction of door leaf to determine the cutting direction of door frame installation. The installation height shall be controlled according to the indoor 500mm horizontal line.

(3) door and window frames shall be installed before plastering, and door and window sashes shall be installed after plastering. If it must be installed first, pay attention to the protection of finished products to prevent collision and pollution.

2 Material preparation of the fire resistant hinge: welding rod, bolt and cement mortar (for plugging).

3 Main machines and tools electric hammer, feeler gauge, plumb bob, red wire bag, ink, small electric saw, etc.
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